Self-leveling epoxy floor paint technical description
- 2018-11-08-

It solves six major problems in floor units. Self-leveling epoxy floor paint is a kind of ground construction technology. It is a liquid substance mixed with water and mixed with water. After being poured into the ground, this material can flow according to the unevenness on the ground and automatically level the ground. It is quickly boring, and the solidified floor will form a new, ground, smooth, seamless foundation. In addition to the leveling function, self-leveling can also be moisture-proof and anti-bacterial. This skill has been widely used in fine occupations such as clean rooms and sterile rooms.

(Self-leveling has certain technical requirements in construction. In general, the self-leveling can be as thin as 3 mm, and should not be too thick! Therefore, self-leveling construction should not be applied to guerrilla operations, and it is easy to form unimportant results. Self-leveling floor is currently There are many professional companies all over the country)

Floor maintenance

1. After the construction of the turf is completed, it needs to be maintained for 7-10 days before it can be put into operation. During maintenance, water or other solution should be avoided to moisturize the surface.

2. Any employee who enters the workshop must change to a rubber-soled shoe (black-skinned shoes that cannot be worn at the bottom of the foam) (to avoid bringing the outside sand into the workshop and scratching the ground)

3, all hardware: such as iron chairs, iron tables, iron shelves, etc., the feet should be wrapped with soft plastic, rubber or paper pad to avoid scratching the ground during the application process

4. The tractor should be fully lifted to lift the board off the ground. When turning, please pay special attention to the angle of the board. Do not scratch the ground.

5. When cleaning the floor, please use a soft water-absorbing mop or a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It can be cleaned with water or detergent, but please pay attention to the ground slippery.

6. Before the equipment enters the factory, lay the bottom of the cardboard box on the floor to avoid scratching the ground during the transportation equipment.

7, the cart, the wheel of the cart, please use hard or elastic rubber wheel, and separate the use of the factory table

8, can be waxed according to the requirements of the ground (the effect can prevent scratches on the ground)

Storage construction

a, boring, ventilated local storage at room temperature;

b. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes;

c. After mixing evenly, let stand for a few minutes and use up within 1 hour. Cleaning things immediately after construction;

e. After three days of construction, you can walk, and you can drive in five days.

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