Analysis of the difference between water-based glass baking varnish and oily glass
- 2018-11-16-

Waterborne glass lacquer is a water lacquer used on glass substrates. The current types are single-component self-drying, one-component baking, and two-component self-drying.
The oily glass lacquer is a kind of glass lacquer. It can be stably adhered to the surface of the glassware with benzene and ester as the solvent, and the glassware can be beautifully and decorated by different colors. The surface of the glass is usually very smooth, and ordinary paints are difficult to adhere to the surface of the glass. A good glass paint forms a stable and hard paint film on the surface of the glass, which exhibits high transparency and high gloss in appearance. In construction, the viscosity is usually low, and there is no sag.
But do you know the difference between water-based glass varnish and oily glass? Guangzhou Tianmai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to analyze:
1. Water-based glass paint uses tap water as a thinner, while oil-based glass paint uses Tianna water as a thinner. Everyone knows that Tianna water is toxic. From this point of view, water-based glass paint is more oily than glass paint. It is more environmentally safe and can be cleaned with tap water when using water-based glass paint when cleaning spray guns and molds. When oily glass paint is used, only water can be used to clean the spray gun. Water-based glass paint is more convenient to use than oil-based glass paint.
2, water-based glass paint resistance to aging, paint film hardness performance is stronger than oily glass paint.
3, the adhesion point of view, water-based glass paint is better than oily glass paint.
4, usually the price of water-based glass paint sounds a little more expensive than oily glass paint, but the thinner used in the two, oily glass paint is the use of Tianna water, water-based glass paint is tap water, so the cost is still similar .
Therefore, there will be more water-based glass varnish, but it is also selected according to the needs of customers.

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