Do you need a imported curing agent for the acrylic rubber sealant on a colored road?
- 2018-12-18-

Double-polyurethane sealant for color pavements requires imported curing agent?

Answer: Yes, the quality of imported curing agent is stable, the most important is weather resistance, not yellowing, so the price of double-propylene polyurethane sealant is not low.

Colorful permeable pavements are used more and more widely, squares, sidewalks, and parks can be seen. Pedestrians are not pressured to travel, and their beautiful colors and super-permeable functions are favored by people. What is the lacquer on the surface of the permeable pavement? Is it ordinary paint? Gusubangwei Building Materials gives a brief introduction to what is the color above the water-permeable raft.

In fact, this type of information has a special term, called permeable concrete cover paint, also known as permeable concrete protectant, permeable top coat, etc. There are several varieties of materials on the market, which can be used as permeable top coat, but the demand is carefully selected. Because the permeable pavement paint has high requirements on yellowing resistance and weather resistance, the general information does not meet the requirements of outdoor applications.

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Colored abrasion resistant pavement coating