What is the difference between waterborne metallic paint and general antirust paint?
- 2018-12-07-

Water-based metal paints may be used in daily life, but it has a great effect. For example, the door and window railings in the home are rusted, and the metal anti-rust paint can be used for innovative color change. The lacquer market continues to swell, and water-based metal lacquer products have emerged in the home decoration industry. Let's take a look at the difference between water-based metal anti-rust paint and general anti-rust paint and construction precautions!

What is the difference between waterborne metallic paint and general antirust paint?

Waterborne metal anticorrosive paint uses water as a dispersion medium and is environmentally safe. The difference between water-based anti-rust paint and general anti-rust paint is that the dispersion medium used is different, because its performance is stable, the drying speed is fast, the environment is environmentally friendly, and the water-based anti-rust paint is not easy to turn yellow, and the performance is superior, especially The high temperature resistance of water-based anti-rust paints has also been paid attention to in high-temperature boilers. It is precisely because of these advantages that it is widely applied to automobiles, ships, petrochemicals, bridges, etc., and gradually replaces traditional anti-rust paints.

Waterborne metal paint construction precautions

1. Surface treatment: Finishing the base surface of the substrate to remove dust, oil and old paint on the base surface. It can be cleaned with a brush or detergent. Water-based anti-rust paint can be coated with rust, if the rust is serious, remove the rust

2, can be used in a variety of ways to carry out the construction, spraying, brushing, roller coating, dip coating can be, planning a large general selection of spraying methods, can ensure uniform application even

3. Please stir well before using the product to avoid partial color difference. The construction distance of each road is not less than 2 hours, and the maximum distance is not required.

4, in the construction process, if you need to reduce the viscosity, you can add appropriate amount of dry water to dilute, add water not excessive, we recommend the amount of water should be less than 10%, should be in accordance with a few repeated principles.

5, the construction temperature ≥ 5 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 85%. Special construction environment requirements, such as temperature below 0 °C or more than 85% high humidity environment, can contact the manufacturer, according to special circumstances, the product is specially formulated.

6. During the construction process, the paint is contaminated with skin and clothes, and can be cleaned with soap.

Water-based self-drying metal paint