Double propylene polyurethane sealant: characteristics of permeable concrete
- 2019-06-06-

Pervious concrete is a kind of porous, lightweight, non-fine aggregate dry-hard concrete. The surface of the coarse aggregate is coated with a layer of cement to form a honeycomb structure, so it has the characteristics of water permeability and permeability. It is a single color that breaks through the gray, white and black of the traditional road surface. Under the requirements of ensuring the water permeability and load bearing of the road surface, different color combinations of the road surface appear. The color of the road surface can make the construction and the scene appear obvious and beautiful, showing its charm. Breathing the earth through the road surface to better regulate the harmonious connection between the modern city and the natural environment. The following is specifically introduced by the manufacturer of double propylene polyurethane sealant.


Pervious concrete can add urban permeable and permeable area to enhance the exchange of surface heat and groundwater. In summer, the surface heat is absorbed, the underground soil moisture rises, the urban environment is adjusted, the surface temperature is lowered, and the urban heat island effect is alleviated.


Non-slip, no water accumulation, no road surface reflection at night, noise reduction, dust reduction

High bearing capacity

The compressive, frost-resistant and anti-folding of permeable concrete is the same as that of general concrete. The bearing capacity of permeable concrete can be determined by the ** construction material testing center to reach the bearing specification of C25 concrete. Compressive strength is 20-25MP a, flexural strength 3.0-5.5≥MPa

High water permeability

Pervious concrete has 15% to 25% porosity, and the concrete surface water permeability reaches 270 liters/square meter/minute, which is much higher than the discharge rate of ** rainfall under the *** drainage system. Cut natural precipitation, store groundwater, reduce plant irrigation water, and reduce municipal pipeline drainage pressure

Strong frost resistance

Because the water is in a free state in the connected porous material guess, the icing volume expansion stress can be released, because the open space communicates with the soil, the temperature of the soil layer is higher than the surface temperature, and the warm air of the soil layer rises to the permeable concrete. In the open space, the snow on the permeable concrete is fast, the water can be quickly infiltrated, and there is no crack on the ground due to frost heaving.

Artistic beauty

The same embodiment of your design, like a brush, can form any curve like a brush.

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