Waterborne crack paint dispensing solution and construction method
- 2018-10-26-

Water-based cracking paint is divided into two types: water-based crack primer and water-based crack topcoat. It is mainly used for surface painting of metal, wood, plastic and other handicrafts.

The self-crosslinking water-based acrylic emulsion contained in the water-based cracking paint has a unique monomer composition and core-shell structure, and can well control the film forming conditions, so that the paint film manufacturer has a variety of geometric and three-dimensional crack decorative effects.

During the coating process, the crack size of the paint film can be adjusted according to the thickness of the coating, the crack of the paint film sea is small, and the crack of the paint film is large. However, the crack decoration will affect the adhesion of the overall paint film to a certain extent.

The water-based crack paint should be applied in combination with the water-based colored primer. The primer should be completely dried before the next layer of coating can be applied during the construction process, otherwise the bottoming phenomenon may occur.

Water-based crack paint specific formulation ingredients: 30kg of aqueous aliphatic polyurethane dispersion, 63kg of self-crosslinking water-based acrylic emulsion for crack paint, 04kg of dispersant, 0.2kg of wetting agent, 2kg of 95% ethanol, 0.3kg of antifoaming agent, thickening 0.6kg, 95% ethanol 3.5kg, water-based crack paint when mixing, you need to put the corresponding amount of materials in the above order to stir.

Pay attention to the construction:

(1) Cleaning of the base layer: Clean the surface of the substrate and fill the gap with a putty to smooth the surface.

(2) Coating water-based crack paint primer: The primer is evenly brushed on the surface of the substrate, and the thickness of the paint film is controlled between 8 and 80 μm.

(3) Film formation: After the primer is dry, it can be applied for 0-5 hours to apply the water-based crack paint finish. If the primer is completely dry, it will affect the adhesion between the primer and the topcoat, and it is difficult to get the desired effect.


4) Coating water-based crack lacquer topcoat: It can be sprayed to have a better decorative effect. It is not recommended to use brush and roller. The thickness of the paint film can be as large as the crack required

Small to decide to go, control at 5-80μm

(5) Thousands of dryness: After the brush is applied, the article is placed at 10-70 ° CC, and the surface is dried and placed at 10-50 ° ° C for 10-50 minutes to produce an attractive crack effect.

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