The difference between metal paint and automotive standard paint
- 2018-11-22-

Automotive metal paint is a high-end automotive paint formulated with metal powder, such as copper powder, aluminum powder, etc. as a pigment. With a metallic flash texture, it can improve the grade of the paint film, and display the noble and elegant temperament. Generally there are two types of water and solvent.

Because metal powder is unstable in water and air, it often undergoes chemical reaction and metamorphosis, so its surface needs are specially treated. The metal powder used in water-based paint is expensive, its application is limited, and now it is mainly based on solvent type. With the advancement of life and the continuous development of the automobile industry, the production of safe and environmentally friendly automotive coatings can be considered to play an important role in opening up new coatings.

There are three differences:

1. Compared with the standard paint, the metal paint is usually added with the silver paint of the aluminum sheet.

2, metal paint has better hardness, decorative appearance and acid resistance than the standard paint.

3, metal paint should be higher than the standard paint gloss and durability.

Metallic paints are generally added to the silver paint of aluminum sheets. The metallic paint can exhibit an outstanding metallic effect, and the appearance enhances the brightness and acid resistance, making the entire body bright as a mirror.

Metallic paints have better hardness, decorative appearance and acid resistance than standard paints. With metal paint , it reduces the cost and expense of the car to make up the paint and paint. Therefore, the cost of metal paint is also higher than that of ordinary paint.

The use of standard paints is mainly in white, black, red and yellow cars. After the use of metallic paint, it is the addition of silver powder in the "pure paint" of these colors, their color will be changed, and it will not achieve a good effect.

Metallic paints are higher than the standard paint gloss and durability, but it is more troublesome to correct the touch up paint. Some small scars on the body body may even affect the whole car from the beginning, because the partial repair is likely to have obvious marks.

Water-based self-drying metal paint