How to make water-based crack paint
- 2018-11-20-

The water-based crack paint is pure water-based paint (painted and transparent in water-based cracks). It has a clean taste and can be diluted with water. It can be used for medium-coating. The primer and top coat can be made of ordinary latex paint or water-based metal paint. No need to use special primer and topcoat. It can be cracked naturally (it will not crack like ordinary water-based crack paint or air blown). One kilogram can be made 10 square meters. How to make water-based crack paint?

Construction process:

1. Bottom color paint: firstly coated with colored latex paint (recommended with good latex paint, better for exterior wall paint) or waterborne metal paint for bottom;

2, medium paint: (transparent) roll coated transparent crack paint twice (roller coating construction) < transparent="" crack="" paint="" thicker="" thicker="" crack,="" the="" thinner="" the="" crack="" is="" smaller="">>;

3, topcoat: after the crack paint (middle way) completely dry, coated with colored latex paint (recommended with good latex paint, the exterior wall paint effect is better). The thicker the topcoat, the larger the crack, the thinner the topcoat, the smaller the crack.

Note: A. It is recommended to apply the transparent crack paint twice for the roller coating effect; B, the transparent crack paint and the top coat should be evenly coated; C, the top coat can be applied after the crack paint (middle way) is completely dry. (The crack paint is not in the middle. It can be painted even if it is completely dry, but it may be sag when the top coat is too thick. D. The poor latex paint is quick to dry and the crack is relatively dense and small. A good latex paint or metallic paint is slow to dry when the topcoat is used, and the crack is relatively sparse and large. E. When applying the topcoat, it should not be too thin, and the coating should not be too thick. The quick-drying topcoat can be slightly thicker, and the slow-drying topcoat can be slightly thinner. In order to avoid sag.

The above is the production method of water-based crack paint

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