Double propylene polyurethane sealant use precautions
- 2018-11-14-

Double-propylene polyurethane colorful sealer is a solvent-based two-component reactive polyurethane chemical specially designed for the closure of colorful permeable concrete or exposed permeable concrete, as well as for the decoration of colorful asphalt roads or colorless closure seals. The force is better, and the substrate can be deeply penetrated. After the reaction of the product is completed, a tough and bright high-gloss coating film will be formed, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the road surface and reduces the occurrence of falling of the aggregate during use, and supplies the road surface. Durable maintenance is to keep the ground bright and fresh for a long time.

◆ Non-yellowing, color enhancement and addition: This product is an aliphatic polyurethane curing product (important imported), no yellowing group, no color change under sunlight, colorful translucent concrete or exposed aggregate after applying PU202 double propylene polyurethane The color of permeable concrete will be more beautiful, bright and durable.

◆ Simple use: room temperature can be sprayed directly after mixing. The dry time is 10-15 minutes, and the dry time is 4 hours.

◆ High brightness, high light: 100% cross-linking curing, high gloss, strong adhesion to the substrate, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, water corrosion resistance, weather resistance and environmental changes.

※Precautions for use of double propylene polyurethane sealant

1. This product is a solvent-based (commonly known as “oily”) product. The bottom layer needs to be completely boring, otherwise it may appear “whitening”.

2. The curing agent of this product is an isocyanate component, which can react with the water in the air, so it is necessary to dry and seal the storage.

3. This product is a high-impregnated film-forming exterior seal maintenance agent, which can provide excellent maintenance and reinforcement for the finished pavement.

Considering the three aspects of economy, water permeability and beauty, the colorful permeable concrete generally needs to be made into a composite type, with the economical “reference large-hole permeable concrete” as the bottom layer, and the decorative permeable surface layer is made colorful. The demand uses Ruilong brand “colorful strong permeable 砼 strongener”, which will greatly improve the strength of permeable concrete and give it outstanding construction workability. It is one of the key materials for permeable concrete on the ground.

Double propylene polyurethane sealant