Electroplating varnish manufacturers explain the reasons for the discoloration of paints and preventive methods
- 2019-01-02-

The discoloration of the paint mainly refers to the discoloration of the varnish. The varnish was originally a colorless or extremely pale yellow, which turned brown or black after discoloration. The color paint also has a phenomenon of discoloration, which is mainly manifested by the dark color of the color paint. Then, the following is the reason for the discoloration of the paint and the prevention method by the electroplating varnish manufacturer Tianmai Chemical. I hope to help us.

The reasons for the discoloration of the paint are as follows:
1. Gold-silver powder and varnish are easy to attack and etch, so that the color of the paint turns green, darkens and loses luster.
2. The storage period is too long and the sedimentation is discolored.
3. The ester solvent in the varnish reacts with the iron container and becomes black after the water.
4, turpentine is very simple to produce reddish brown pigment in the iron barrel.

The precautionary approach has the following main points:
1. For coatings with discoloration, if it is not a quality problem, it can be used after thorough mixing.
2. For the shellac varnish which is most prone to discoloration, it is packed in a non-metallic container.
3, before using varnish, then participate in gold powder, silver powder, do not participate in varnish prematurely.

The above is the reason why the electroplating varnish manufacturer introduces the color change of the paint and the prevention method. I believe everyone has already understood it. Want to know more about it. Please pay attention to our official website, our customer service will update the relevant information regularly, or you can contact our online customer service immediately, he will solve your problem!