What are the advantages of self-leveling epoxy floor paint?
- 2018-12-29-

First, let's take a look at the details of the self-leveling epoxy floor paint . It lays the raw material on the ground. It will exist as a liquid at the time of laying, and then actively seek out the rugged ground, and then actively level the ground and put the ground. After leveling, it will cool quickly and then condense.

So it seems that one of the advantages of the floor paint is very obvious. When the rest of the floor paint is laid, the demand person is neatly flat, then it can save a lot of labor, and the leveling effect is not artificially comparable. of.

How is the decoration and dressing effect of self-leveling floor paint? After the use of many businesses, it is not difficult to see that the decoration and dressing of the self-leveling floor paint is remarkable, and it is not unusual for the flat paint to compare with it.

Of course, many people will also ask, what is the waterproof and dustproof of self-leveling floor paint? There is still a comparison of the service life, as a technology product in the floor paint, self-leveling floor paint is also a breakthrough in these simplicity, the use of life is an ordinary floor paint two. And the cleanliness of the self-leveling floor paint is also very simple.

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Self-leveling high-gloss floor paint