The difference between metallic paint and pearl paint
- 2019-04-30-

When a consumer buys a car, after selecting a model, it is often entangled in the body color. In addition to the colorful car paint, the raw materials are mainly divided into general paint, metal paint and pearl paint.

General paint is a common type and is a basic paint. Its synthetic raw materials contain resins, pigments and additives. For example, common white, large red and yellow are common paints. The metal paint has more aluminum powder, which looks bright in the sunlight.

The pearlescent paint is added to the mica grain. The mica is a very thin piece of material, and the directionality of the reflection leads to a colorful visual effect. Pearlescent paint is good in three kinds of paints, and it is also good in reflection. It has many ingredients and strong anti-oxidation ability, and it is usually found in high-end models. However, this kind of paint repair is more troublesome and the cost is relatively higher.

Metal paint and general paint have their own advantages and disadvantages

In fact, the metal paint is blended with metal powder in the paint, so that not only can the appearance of the painted parts look shiny, but also the body generalization will change due to the refraction of light at different angles. The overall look of the car looks richer. The hardness of the metal paint is higher, and the owner does not have to worry too much about the small scratches and damages the paint during the daily use, saving the expense of the paint.

Some "pure paints" are mostly general paints, and the typical colors are white, red, and yellow. In fact, it is not that the paint of these colors cannot be added with silver powder, but the color that appears after adding the silver powder is not the original positive color. White will turn into pearl white, black will turn into "carbon black" with light, red will become so-called "wine red", and yellow will become a glittering "golden". When arranging the plain paint car, it is necessary to wash off the dust on the exterior of the paint with water to prevent the paint from being scraped by the fine dust.