Electroplating varnish if it lasts for a long time
- 2019-06-28-

It is the actual life application. I believe everyone is very curious about how the electroplating varnish guarantees a longer-lasting color. Let's briefly introduce it.

The first is a non-metallic matrix material. Due to the special nature of electroplating, there is no way to achieve uniformity in the surface treatment before electroplating. Therefore, in electroplating, it is necessary to carry out electroplating according to the characteristics of different non-metallic materials and electroplating requirements. Pre-treatment to achieve an outstanding coating of an ideal performance.

In the actual quality inspection of electroplating paint products, local plating peeling, bubbling or spotting, and partial non-plating are often found. It is found that most of the main reasons are due to poor pre-plating treatment of the base material. of.

Electroplating is an electrochemical reaction that occurs between the interface of the substrate to be plated and the liquid phase. Generally, in order to ensure the quality of the plating layer, the surface of the plated part that is in contact with the plating liquid must be the matrix material itself.

Generally, a loose-porium chrome layer is used to lower the wear of some parts, because it is not only afraid of having holes in the plating layer, but can consciously try to deepen the pores and texture on the chrome layer; it is like selective under laser action. Electroplating, because a certain thickness of the plating layer can be formed only in a small local area of the laser irradiation, and substantially no plating occurs in the surrounding portion.

Therefore, the surface of the plated parts cannot contain any contaminants such as grease, and there must be no other layers of rust products. The appearance of the parts should be flat and lubricated. In this way, the appearance of the matrix material can be well wetted by the plating solution, and the plated metal can be firmly combined with the appearance of the flat lubricating base material.