How to save on the use of waterborne metallic paint
- 2019-07-24-

Water-based metallic paints often have waste problems when they are used. Then, when we understand the factors affecting the amount of water-based metallic paints, we can reduce the dross of paints. Let us share the aspects of wall decoration. The amount of water-based paint.

The first is the saving of materials. Generally speaking, there are only a few ways to change the spray form. Because the aeration spray will reduce some flying paint and paint mist compared to the airless and air tank; the recovery of the paint; the electrostatic spray is used for the workpiece with complex structure and good electrical conductivity, and the electrostatic spray will greatly improve the useful utilization of the paint.

At the same time, the bottom of the substrate should be done well, because if the wall surface is rough, the more materials used, the rougher the wall surface, the greater the loss of water-based metal paint, the need for multi-layer construction, each layer of water-based metal paint The smoothing condition and the sanding effect after the construction have the same direct effect on the paint loss of the subsequent coating construction.

Then there is the painting method and operation level, currently available for painting, brushing, roller coating, traditional air spraying, and high pressure airless spraying.

Correct construction sequence

1, eradicate wood products and lines of dust and dirt.

2. Trim the defects such as burrs and crepe on the outer surface of the wood, and polish them with sand to make the corners neat.

3, using oily putty for batch scraping, polishing, after finishing putty polishing (with varnish first fill brown eyes, nails, do some color work).

4, apply all over the paint, make up the putty, after polishing, the shovel is excluded from the table dust.

5. Apply the second coat of paint. After polishing, remove the dust from the table and grind it with water sand to repair the part of the oil.

7. Apply the third coat until the desired effect is achieved.

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