Glass paint - feels smooth, you want to have it at first glance
- 2019-05-21-

Tianmai water-based enamel glass paint can be used on partitions or glass bottles, or on windows, even on wine glasses. If you want to have a flawed effect, you can use Tianmai pulse sand paint. Yesterday, a customer in Zhejiang bought a kilogram of our enamel paint sprayed on the cup and felt that our water-based enamel paint has very good adhesion, no smell, and feels very good. It can also call out various kinds. Color, compared with the effects of other suppliers' products, I feel that the price/performance ratio of our waterborne enamel paint is high, so we booked one ton at a time. The cooperation is very pleasant. We are willing to cooperate with us for a long time and ask us to introduce some innovations. New products, our technology research and development department is working hard

Quality assurance, personal experience - let you try to have an endless aftertaste

We have encountered many difficulties in the product development process, and these difficulties have made us think more about product quality. In terms of product requirements, no matter the delicateness of the product feel, the superiority of performance, the simplicity of construction, and the individualized needs of customers, we are constantly thinking about how to make customers get satisfactory results. . Therefore, from the selection of materials, to the design of the formula, and then through repeated experimental tests, and then to the improvement of the production process, the meticulous pursuit of each link reflects our enthusiasm for quality pursuit. In this process, we have unwittingly changed from the product developer to the product experiencer, and feel the ultimate experience of the Tianmai water paint product. In short, what we are pursuing is the customer's desire, I believe, as long as you experience it for yourself, you can also feel the noble experience brought by Tianmai Water Paint! We are looking forward to your participation!