The difference between water-based electroplating varnish and general varnish
- 2019-05-09-

Water-based electroplating varnish has the characteristics of colorless, odorless, transparent, non-toxic, non-organic volatiles, low cost, wide source and other characteristics, which is incomparable with other solvent glazing oils. If you participate in other main agents and additives, it can also have good gloss, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, and is economical and sanitary, especially suitable for packaging printing. The hand feels good, the touch is more lubricated, and the brightness and gloss of the object are increased after being coated with varnish, and it can also function as a cosmetic piece. The varnish plays a strong role in maintenance. After the application, the hardness of the object will increase, which can play a buffering and maintaining effect on the slight scratching.

Ordinary varnish, its main component is tung oil, which has no synthetic resin components, and is only used as a maintenance paint on the exterior of the object to maintain and beautiful.

Waterborne varnish compared to ordinary varnish:

It has the characteristics of colorless, odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, etc., and its low cost is available, which can effectively reduce the cost of goods consumption. Due to the environmental protection effect of water-based electroplating varnish, it has been recognized by the industry and is widely applied to the consumption of food, tobacco and other enterprises requiring printing and packaging.

Water-based electroplating varnish is simpler in operability than ordinary varnish. The operator only needs to adjust the viscosity of the varnish, the oven temperature and the depth of the reticle during the oiling process. This process can be easily accomplished. The inking of water-based electroplating varnish is the ink conveying technology using gravure printing. The application of the anilox roller to the resin plate to stop the uneven transfer of the varnish, and then transfer to the object by coating, the entire water-based electroplating varnish can be completed. The oiling process is simple, fast and efficient.

Water-based electroplating varnish is low in cost. With the transformation of the consumption process, the advantages of environmental protection and high efficiency mean that it will further replace the traditional solvent-based varnish, and will become a new star in the printing industry.

Water-based self-drying electroplating varnish