What are the decorative methods of waterborne metallic paints?
- 2019-07-17-

Water-based metallic paint has been heard by everyone, but its painting method may not be too well understood. Here is a brief explanation of some decorative methods for water-based metallic paint.

The first is brushing, generally using a wool brush. This method is widely used in interior decoration. It saves paint and is simple to construct, simple to tool, easy to master, and flexible.

The second is air spraying, which is mainly used to use compressed air or other means as a power to spray the paint out of the nozzle, which is generally formed by fogging, which can be uniformly coated with a coating method. The method is also relatively simple and convenient, and the high-efficiency paint film has high quality, and can coat the messy shapes.

The third is airless spraying. This method is also called high-pressure airless spraying. It is also powered by compressed air or electric power. It drives the hydraulic pump to directly pressurize the paint and spray it through the high-pressure hose nozzle to form a very fine fan. A spray of liquid paint that sprays agilely onto the surface of the wood to form a paint film. The coating has high utilization rate and high efficiency, and can directly spray high-solids and high-viscosity coatings, and the quality of the paint film is good, and no additional thinner is added, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

The fourth is the scraping, which is a commonly used construction method when applying high-viscosity coatings. Generally, a metal or non-metal scraper is used for thick film coating of viscous coatings. The construction is also relatively simple, and the film thickness can be applied once.

The five dip coating method is to soak the wood directly into the container containing the paint for a certain period of time, so that the paint directly penetrates into the wood to achieve the coating intention. The method has strong permeability and simple construction.

The six-mixed air spray is powered by compressed air or electric power, drives the plunger pump, directly pressurizes the paint, and instantaneously ejects through the nozzle of the feed hose to form a very fine misty paint liquid sprayed onto the wood surface. A coating method that constitutes a paint film. It is the same as high-pressure airless spray. The difference is that the coating method mixes a certain amount of air into the paint to optimize the atomization effect, and the spray mist will be more uniform.

The seventh is roll coating, which is a coating method that uses a roller to draw paint on the surface of the wood. It is generally divided into a work roll and a machine roll, which is suitable for the coating of flat wood. His paint waste is low, it is not easy to form paint dust, environmental protection is good, and work efficiency is high.

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