The details to be paid attention to during the use of waterborne metallic paint
- 2019-07-19-

The name of water paint is water-based thinner. Water-based metal paint has the characteristics of energy saving, non-combustible, non-explosive, ultra-low emission, low carbon health, and the film is full, flexible, water resistant, wear resistant and resistant. Aging, yellowing resistance, easy to use, widely used in wood, metal, industrial coating, plastic, glass, construction surface and other materials. Water paint is a new generation of products that gradually replace paint. The implementation of water-based paint is an innovation in the field of painting.

Water paint can be mainly divided into water-soluble type and water-milk type, of which water-milk type is relatively used. At the same time, the water paint can be divided into one-component and two-component, one-component can increase the water to dilute or directly construction, and the two-components need to increase the water-based curing agent to be evenly mixed, and then increase the water to dilute the construction.

Many people are wondering why water paint is chosen by everyone. First of all, it can use water instead of organic solvent during use, and it is safe to produce, transport and store. It can be adjusted directly by adding water during construction. It is very convenient to operate. And no odor of oily paint, no toluene, xylene, halogenated hydrocarbons, and other harmful substances

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to polish before painting, and the substrate containing heavy oil such as pine should be degreased. Waterborne wood lacquer is based on water. The evaporation of water is slow and evaporation is very important for the formation of water lacquer and the film film. Therefore, the temperature of waterborne wood coating construction and drying environment is above 15 °C, relative humidity. Below 75% is appropriate. In order to better meet the requirements of mass production of furniture, heating and dehumidification equipment must be installed on site.

Water-based wood lacquer must be rust-proof when it is used for painting, painting, drying equipment and utensils to avoid the rust caused by moisture and affect the quality of water lacquer and film; in the process of storage and application of water lacquer, it is forbidden to mix oily substances. It is forbidden to be mixed with solvent paint to avoid the occurrence of interspersed pollution; the tool should be cleaned in time after the completion of the construction, the unused water paint should be sealed and kept, and the construction environment should be kept clean.