What are the advantages of colored wear-resistant pavement coatings?
- 2019-07-05-

Now that the road surface is not a single color, we will find that there are many colorful road surfaces in our real life. It is inseparable from the color wear-resistant road surface coating. This is a new type of laying skills, in order to create The age of transportation is now more and more used in domestic highways, plazas, bus lanes and other places.

Under the common effect of automobile wheel load and environment, the traditional road will gradually age, the color will become darker, the adhesion of the binder will decrease, the appearance of the road will be loose, the pits will be dark, the color will be darkened, etc. The quality control of pavement construction did not reach the expected effect. If the void ratio is too large, it will cause morning damage on the pavement. If these phenomena are not treated in time, the pavement performance will be further accelerated.

Colored wear-resistant pavement coatings increase the wear resistance of the pavement and its strength is much higher than that of asphalt pavement. More interestingly, an engineer in the United States was inspired by the heavy pressure on the road from the car, and a pedal-type rotating shaft was installed under the road. The construction of the road followed the development of the traffic work, which led to many technological advances.

Nowadays, many new types of pavements are very different from traditional pavements in terms of materials, structures, functions and methods. They are also preparing for future traffic development. In addition, the rubber particles and cement are mixed, and the special chemical glue is added to lay the road surface, which can also play the role of anti-slip. A road surface that can be moved and removed is produced abroad, which is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. This colorful non-slip pavement is extremely corrosion resistant and has a long service life.

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