Problems that should be paid attention to during the construction of industrial floor paint
- 2018-09-29-

The information that is transported to the construction site must be placed in a place where it is protected from wind, rain and direct sunlight. Surfaces such as direct sunlight to the bottom of the building or not fully hardened contain air ions, which can be freed by not generating pores. Cover the entire window with paper or plastic sheets. To prevent dust from blowing from the outside, contaminate the construction surface, use protective tape to seal doors, windows, gaps and other ventilation areas during construction.

At the same time, avoid cracking wind blowing dust. Pay attention to the construction environment below 5 °C. If possible, turn over the heating or air conditioning. When it is raining, turn it over and close it to avoid the influence of moisture on the construction surface; do not hinder the ventilation. .

Safety and health handling requirements are also very important. Personnel engaged in construction must obtain post certificates through special training, and must have a certain knowledge of chemical products; wear uniforms, work shoes and protective equipment during construction. Various materials accidentally touch the skin sometimes Will damage the skin, quickly clean with Panyu, severe hospital treatment; all information is not allowed to touch any moisture (except water-based epoxy floor paint ), each construction worker should bring a towel. Wipe sweat during construction to avoid sweat Drop into the ground or guess, because there are a few flammable materials in the epoxy floor material, fireworks and firecrackers should not be placed on the construction site. The site should not be placed in the local area directly exposed to Sun. GTT. Construction should be regularly reviewed and specially protected. And keep it clean. The construction site should be marked and not allowed to enter.

Regarding the quality management regulations, the construction personnel and technicians before construction recognize the following items: basic area and root conditions, data selection and structural construction, understanding of data standards, shares and dosages; after construction, construction ion technicians should recognize whether there is significant Traces, pores, granules, orange peel and other shortcomings.

Whether there are color unevenness and other coating defects, whether the color is the same as the sample, whether there is color difference, whether the coating is hardened according to the normal rules (can be easily identified by nails); the construction personnel should strictly abide by the pub. Perform each step of construction. If an abnormality is found, the cause should be found and the record should be recorded to avoid recurrence.

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