Epoxy anti-rust paint adhesion ability is good
- 2018-09-25-

Epoxy anti-rust paint is mostly used as a curing agent for polyamide. Bisphenol A epoxy resin is a binder. The coating film has good adhesion to the substrate, excellent construction function, good flexibility of paint film, good water resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance. Participate in different anti-rust pigments, can be formulated into different anti-rust paints, mostly primers.

The epoxy antirust paint construction personnel use the wire brush to arrange the floating rust and the attached debris, and the grinding wheel can sharpen the edge, smooth the weld and remove spatters and burrs. Because different parts, using different things to work, the technical derusting is relatively slower, but the removal is clean. It can be seen that the steel anti-corrosion and anti-rust project is very important to treat the steel surface before painting with zinc-rich primer and cloud iron, and the adhesion to the paint after treatment, the film leveling, beautiful Sex plays a certain role.

Epoxy anti-corrosive paint can ensure the grounding and the flatness and appearance strength of the ground layer after construction, and can also add the original slits or cracks on the ground floor to ensure the self-leveling appearance and crack prevention; The product can also be used for high-pressure dust washing on the bottom layer to ensure clean on the ground. Adding aluminum powder can enhance its anti-rust function. It is rich in zinc phosphate anti-rust paint of zinc phosphate and iron oxide red anti-rust pigment. In addition to anti-rust for steel surface, it can also be used especially for galvanized parts. antirust. The demand is that, because zinc phosphate is slightly soluble in water, anti-rust paint rich in zinc phosphate pigments is better than anti-rust paint rich in iron red, but it is not recommended for long-term use in underwater parts. Otherwise, there will be doubts such as blistering.

When using epoxy anti-rust paint for construction, the overall construction function is very strong, the construction process is very simple and fast, and can exert a more stable application advantage, so it is natural to improve the construction power without the need for too long construction time. Let the attachment be better displayed, and demonstrate its characteristics and advantages in the process of practical application.

Epoxy anti-rust paint Wang Wensheng can achieve better anti-rust effect, and the film can maintain the substrate very strong, can reach better quality specifications, the use of the now heavy anti-corrosion steel structure appearance, can play a more Good use of advantages and effects, the most important thing is to use the life can reach extraordinary specifications, with superior anti-corrosion and anti-wear effects, so satisfied with the application requirements of various environments. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers producing such paints. If we want to get a better experience and can play a better application advantage, we advocate that we need to be able to judge according to our own needs, and at the same time we can understand The production technology of different manufacturers will make the construction process more simple, and it can prevent the occurrence of various unexpected quality problems and exert a longer life in the application process. In addition to the selection of professional and regular brand epoxy anti-corrosive paints , we also need to understand the correct construction methods, and also need to select the varieties according to their own needs, so that the advantages can be fully utilized, and the material appearance can be better maintained. To prevent various damage problems, and the degree of corrosion will be better manipulated, so that the construction function will be displayed.