Spray paint and construction techniques for crack paint
- 2018-06-13-

Many people have begun to know and use crack paint, but they have not grasped the method. How to make the paint do not spoil and evenly crack, share and discuss together.

First of all, it is necessary to spray the primer of the primer early.

Crack paint: cracking paint water [solvent] open at a ratio of 1:0.8 specified by the supplier and mix thoroughly, filter,

Spraying the dry sprayed primer on the workpiece, the gun is even and smooth when spraying, and it is not easy to add spray spray. Otherwise, the crack paint has different thickness due to the different thickness of the paint film. After baking, the paste is baked at 65 degrees for 5 minutes. .

Because of the shortening effect of the cracking agent, the crack can be self-generated, and under the action of the crack, the color of the base paint is exposed. If the crack paint and the primer are harmonious, you can get good markings and colors. When spraying the crack topcoat, it must be applied after the primer is dry, otherwise it will affect the crack. Crack cracking is a kind of matte effect, and the resistance is generally not good. Finally, use semi-matt, matte clear topcoat or two-component PU varnish\uv varnish\plastic varnish\self-drying paint in crack Paint surface finish. Before the large-area construction, the sample must be sprayed on the small sample plate of the sprayed primer. According to the effect of the crack size, select the construction viscosity of the crack top coat, the thickness of the paint film, and adjust the shape, air pressure and paint amount of the spray gun. (Fixing).


The construction of cracked paint requires certain skills, the size of the crack, the uniformity and the viscosity of the paint, the amount of gas sprayed, the amount of oil, and the thickness are all related. The viscosity of the paint applied by the same crack should be the same, and the proportion of the paint with the same crack should be the same. The air pressure of the air compressor should be consistent when spraying, and should not be large or small. The diameter of the spray gun is 1.5; 2.0mm, and the oil outlet should be circulated. The speed and distance of the gun should be consistent, and the amount of exhaust and oil should be well controlled.

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