Advantages of water-based electroplating varnish
- 2018-11-28-

Water-based varnish is a new type of green environmental protection printing material. Its environmental protection and safety are self-evident. Water-based varnish and water-based ink are recognized as environmentally friendly printing materials in the world.

With regard to demanding packaging and printing products, water-based electroplating varnish can be used to avoid harmful substances to the human body and pollution of packaging products. Compared with film or oil glazing process, water-based glazing process is undoubtedly advantageous.

Water-based electroplating varnish , as its name implies, its main component is water. In water-based electroplating varnish system, 60% is pure water. Its composition is basically composed of acrylic emulsion + resin, plus moisturizer, defoamer and wax. Dozens of additives such as emulsions are combined; because water-based electroplating varnish requires ammonia to dissolve the resin and supply PH worth stability, the water-based electroplating varnish will have some ammonia smell at all.

1. Beautiful print: Supply brighter luster to the surface of the print, make the picture more beautiful, and advance the quality of the print.

2. Protect printed products: protect the surface of printed products, avoid surface scratches and conflicts, and supply certain water and moisture resistance.

3. Advance power printing and glazing are once formed, and the printing to the delivery part is now completely boring, avoiding the tedious wait of the secondary machine or oily varnish caused by the film, and invisibly multiplying the working power by more than one time. .

4. Print effect: Water-based glazing process is diverse, different processes can provide a variety of special effects for printed products, increasing the beautiful effect of printed products or packaging.

5. Reducing printing failure: The water-based electroplating varnish only needs to be sprayed a little bit to spray the powder, and its dry function avoids various problems such as sticky flowers and shackles during the printing process.

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