Correct storage method for anti-static floor paint
- 2018-11-30-

Anti-static floor paint and its thinners, additives, etc. are all flammable and explosive materials, together with the evaporation of steam to the human body and the environment. Therefore, the anti-static floor paint is very important in the storage and storage measures, and it is necessary to specially establish a safe floor paint storage, transportation, production and other processes.

1. It is necessary to store the floor paint in the designated warehouse. The flammable materials such as oxidant, metal powder and various thinners cannot be mixed together in the warehouse. The thinner should be stored in the outdoor storage room. Stores that store floor paint should be strengthened to prevent fires from entering the warehouse. Significant signs such as "stop fireworks" or "forbidden fire" should be provided, and sufficient fire-fighting equipment such as foam fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, 1211 fire extinguishers and yellow sand should be provided.

2, the floor paint warehouse should be boring, cool, and ventilated to avoid the sun exposure, neighboring fire sources. The temperature of the warehouse should generally be maintained at 15 ~ 25 ° C, with the humidity of 50% ~ 75%, regular ventilation. The ground of the warehouse is generally cement or stone. Cement or wooden cross-barriers should be placed on the ground to empty the bucket to avoid rust and perforation at the bottom of the bucket. Stacked floor paint buckets should be no more than three layers.

3. Strengthen the management system of the warehouse, strictly carry out the registration of the warehouse, and classify and store different types of floor paints. For two-component or three-component floor paints, attention should be paid to the components. Each type of floor paint is filled in with the manufacturer, batch number, date of manufacture, time of storage, and specified period of storage. It should be issued in accordance with the "advanced first issued" criteria, and the overpressure will be placed for too long to cause deterioration of the floor paint. The storage period of floor paint is generally less than 1 year.

4. Floor paint shall not be allocated in the warehouse. The distribution and construction sites shall have a certain interval from the warehouse to avoid the flammable and toxic evaporative vapors from diffusing into the warehouse. The floor paint packaging drum should be tightly sealed, and it should be checked together to avoid the appearance of dripping. In the case of barrel leakage, the barrel should be put into the warehouse, and the barrel should be changed or repaired in a safe place. Do not use the welding method in the warehouse to repair it. Floor paint retro floor paint

5. When the floor paint or thinner is opened, it should be outside the warehouse and cannot be struck with metal instruments to avoid sparks. It is not possible to accumulate open floor paint buckets in the warehouse. Used cotton yarn, waste, empty barrels, etc. should not be thrown away in the warehouse. Floor paint empty buckets, etc. should be collected in a well-ventilated area and processed regularly.

6, if the floor paint in the storage of "fat listening" and other drawbacks, should be based on prevention, and the floor paint buckets with altered shape changes will be removed from the warehouse, according to the relevant content in the paper.

7, flat, placed in the box, placed overheated or damp. New parts such as paint brushes and rollers should not be unpacked, hung or placed flat in the cabinet, adhere to boring to avoid mildew, and add a small amount of insecticide to avoid insects.

8. During the shipping process, the floor varnish is excellent in ventilation. It should be handled with care and should not be inverted or stressed. It should be handled in accordance with the “Provisional Regulations on the Transport of Chemical Dangerous Goods”. Regarding the floor paint for long-distance transportation, the iron can packaging must be complete, and the iron cans are separated by wooden slats to avoid collision and collision.

9. During the transportation of the floor paint, use a special container or packing box in large quantities to avoid the mixing of any kind of fire, and insist that the temperature should not be too high, and should not be mixed with other chemicals and other goods. Cover with a tarpaulin and do not expose to the sun and rain. Once the package is damaged, replace the package in time, but stop the on-site welding.

10, the preparation of floor paint should have a special ingredient room or in the outdoor construction site, can not be used in the warehouse. There must be no fire source near the ingredient room and equipped with certain fire fighting equipment. Inflammable and explosive materials should not be stored too much in the batching room, and should be cleaned frequently and kept clean. Do not place flammable floor paint or thinner in areas where people are constantly moving and operating.

11, the ingredient room should be well ventilated, boring, cool, adhere to the certain temperature and humidity. All kinds of floor paints should be placed neatly, and two-component multi-component floor paints should be placed together.

12. When the floor paint bucket is opened, it may find various drawbacks or morbidities, such as sinking, agglomeration, crust, precipitation, gelation, drying, etc., in response to the relevant textile measures of the floor paint. . Mix the floor paint evenly and filter.

13. After the two-component floor paint is evenly distributed according to the proportion of the proportion, it must have a certain activation paint. If the floor paint is distributed, if it is placed in a large iron drum, cover the mouth of the barrel with double kraft paper or plastic paper, and then tie it with a string to avoid evaporation of gas or dust. The floor paint should be used up in the shortest possible time, especially the two-component floor paint has a certain application period.

14. All the information is placed in a fixed position and marked in the area to avoid confusion. The warehouse is well ventilated, the temperature is room temperature, the open paint and the leaked paint are additionally registered and marked.

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