The difference between automotive metallic paint and ordinary paint
- 2018-12-20-

Automotive metal paint, also known as automotive metal flash paint, commonly known as silver paint; is a popular automotive paint. A fine aluminum particle is added to the lacquer base, and the light is reflected on the aluminum granule and then reflected by the aluminum granule through the gas film. Therefore, it looks like the metal is shining. This kind of metallic glitter paint gives people a pleasant, brisk, novel feeling of painting color, so it is very common nowadays. By changing the shape and size of the aluminum particles, it is possible to control the glittering degree of the metallic glitter paint film; on the outside of the metallic paint, a layer of varnish is also added for protection.

Car metal paint is named after it is blended with metal powder. Metal paint can not only make the surface of the painted element look shiny, but also the color and even the contour will change at different angles due to the refraction of light. . The cars we see that reflect in the sun are usually made of metal paint. Nowadays, another reason why many riders generally choose metal paint is that it has a metal component after blending with metal powder, so the hardness of the paint is increased, the paint surface is hardened, the wear resistance is improved, and it is not easily scratched. This is a great boon for most car owners who don’t have a garage, can only park their cars in an open parking lot, and wipe the bumps. With metal paint, it reduces the trouble of the car to make up the paint and paint. spend. Therefore, the cost of metal paint is also higher than that of ordinary paint. The use of ordinary lacquer is mainly in white, black, red and yellow cars. After using metallic lacquer, silver powder is added to the "pure paint" of these colors, and their color will change. Not achieving good results, counterproductive, so some vehicles still use ordinary paint.

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