Floor paint: the role of permeable concrete pavement
- 2019-06-04-

If you want to know what the permeable road surface is, you must first know what is wrong with the impervious road surface. In turn, you have an answer. What do you say?

1. Impervious pavement hinders the infiltration of rainwater, which makes the supplementation of groundwater blocked by rainwater, coupled with the excessive extraction of groundwater, the simple sinking of urban ground.

2, the traditional dense road surface, tire noise. During the high-speed driving of the vehicle, the air will be pressed into the tire and the road when the tire rolls in. When the tire rolls over, the air will expand agilely and emit noise. The noise in rainy days is particularly significant, which affects the life and work of the residents.

3. The pavement of the traditional city is impervious to water. The rainwater is removed by the road surface, and the discharge capacity is limited. When heavy rain or heavy rain occurs, the rainwater is simply collected on the road surface, and a large amount of it gathers on the motor vehicle and the bicycle lane, resulting in a large area of road surface. water.

4. The impervious road surface reduces the humidity of the city air and accelerates the formation of the urban heat island effect.

5. The impervious road surface is “dead ground”, which will affect the ecosystem on the ground. It will make the water ecology unable to circulate normally, breaking the balance of urban ecosystem and affecting the normal growth of vegetation.

The above is the floor paint manufacturer to explain the details of the role of the permeable concrete pavement, I hope to help everyone, want to know more information, please pay attention to our official website!

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