Healthy and environmentally friendly waterborne metal paint selection method
- 2018-12-10-

Brush paint, this is an indispensable process in the decoration of new houses, and it is also a way to increase the value of our home. If you want to have a high-value home, you will not harm the human body or damage it. A solution that is incinerated and will dissolve in water. Environmentally friendly waterborne metallic paints are generally classified, and the types of environmentally friendly waterborne coatings used in different furniture products are different.

First, check the appearance of water paint

Taste: Can't have a strong pungent taste, can't have a strong alcohol smell, and can't have strong odor

The shape of the emulsion: generally not a thick paste or a smooth or brighter hand-feeling lotion. The resin of such products is poor, easy to fall off, dry and slow, afraid of water and simple cracking;

Stability: Directly view the product emulsion in the package, do not precipitate, evenly distribute the top grade, which can reduce the difficulty of application or avoid product transformation, except for specially designed products;

Color: Generally milky white, if there is discoloration such as brown or yellow, the emulsion is generally destroyed.

Second, test and check the function of the water paint product (except for specially designed products).

Investigate the technical origin and production capacity, find direct manufacturers, and eliminate central traders to control costs and ensure quality.

Putty powder, real stone paint, quartz sand product family: to implement the perfect matching of products, such as primer, topcoat, paint, color, color, color paste and auxiliary materials, to prevent the resin system from colliding Film quality accident.

Anti-adhesion function: After 24 hours of topcoat coating, the anti-adhesion test is required and passed. Most of the water-based topcoat products on the market today cannot pass the anti-sticking test, which is a serious and fatal film quality defect.

Solid content: Determination of the active ingredient, the solid content of the concave and convex and the function of the film directly determine the price of the bump, not to be fooled by low solid content, low quality, low price. The simplest test method is to take 100 grams of product and pour it on a metal foil. The weight after boring is the solid content.

Dispersibility: Directly view the product emulsion in the package, requiring no precipitation, uniform dispersion and no abnormal impurities, impurities, mottle and the like.

Dry time: Under normal climatic conditions (25 ° C, humidity ≤ 85%), the surface should be ≤ 10 minutes. Otherwise it is slightly sticky and there are other construction problems.

Coating film feel: requires fine and smooth, it is determined by the resin quality, molecular structure and film formation.

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