Waterborne metal paint construction method
- 2019-04-08-

Waterborne metallic lacquer is a new formula and process using a new generation of ion-stable self-emulsified "core shell" structural water-based resin, related fillers and additives, poly-crosslinking type, reverberation type and emulsified type. Emulsifying is the main design, taking into account the cross-linking and reverberation-assisted design. The selection of ultra-fine inorganic and non-toxic pigments has been scientifically formulated and strictly prepared. This has enabled a new generation of water-based anti-corrosive topcoats to add to the defensive anti-corrosion coating business.
1. The bottom layer processing procedure (1) Regarding the newly built new wall to be fully maintained and monotonous about the old wall that has been wetted by the tide, it is necessary to make a new batch of bottom scraping.
(2) The base surface should be flat and clean without oil (waterborne metallic paint), floating ash or other pollutants.
2. Closed primer coating process Firstly, a layer of sealing primer is uniformly coated on the base surface to carry out sealing treatment, so as to avoid bleed, moisture permeability, and then contamination, swelling the outer coating, affecting the construction quality. Apply evenly to prevent leakage.
3, the middle layer process to be closed after the primer is dry, you can carry out embossing spray or pull roller construction, embossing using spray gun construction, spray floating point size is common, a little dry can be flattened with a roller 蘸 gasoline, play decorative As a result, a three-dimensional relief surface for the artistic atmosphere of the wall is built. Under normal circumstances, the sprayed embossed paint ( water-based glass paint ) is dry for 24 hours. Then sand with 300# sandpaper. The brush is sprayed with a special roller, and the markings are even, preventing leakage coating and joints.
4, metal paint special primer painting process before the primer is applied to review whether the embossed aggregate layer can be dried, sanded, metal paint special primer is colored paint, the brush must be uniform, advocate two finishes.
5, spray topcoat process
water-based metal paint topcoat spray, two to three times.
First (water-based industrial paint), spray a thin and even layer, about 1-2 hours to be hardened, then spray a second coat.
6, the finish of the finishing process, the top coat can be sprayed or rolled, and the oil or water can reach the finish. After the above five processes (wallpaper rubber powder), the waterborne metal paint was completed.