Dry goods! Advantages of water-based crack paint
- 2018-11-19-

Perhaps many people don't know what kind of paint is water-based crack paint. Water-based crack paint is a kind of paint used in wood products, plastics and metals. In recent years, water-based crack paint has been valued and recognized by fashion people. What are the advantages of waterborne crack paint compared to general paint?

1. High hardness of water-based crack paint:

The infinite amount of water-based wood lacquer series products break through the 2H mark in hardness, and the fullness is high, the paint film is fine and smooth, especially used on solid wood doors, furniture, cabinets and other solid wood materials can fully present the natural texture of wood. With the effect of texture, and even the ability to manufacture high-end household items that cannot be made of oil-based paints, the unique "see the wood" effect, these oil paints can not match. The infinite amount of water-based industrial paint series has excellent rust-proof function, salt spray resistance and looseness in the construction environment. It is a substitute for traditional oil paints.

2, water-based crack paint film is not yellow and easy to repair:

The organic chemical composition contained in the oily paint determines its physical function. The yellowing of the paint film is a reality that cannot be changed, and the longer the film is, the thinner the film is and even disappears. In theory, because of its inorganic reaction, it is decided that the paint film is not yellow. In practice, the function of water-based crack paint is not yellow, and it has also withstood the test of time and market. The paint film of oily paint is hard and brittle, and it is not easy to repair after damage. The water-based crack paint solves this problem, and the repair problem is easy to fix.

3. Waterborne crack paint accessory products are in good condition:

The water-based wood furniture paint series is extremely well-equipped, water-based bright color, water-based color, water-based color correction liquid, water-based primer, water-based seal oil color primer, water-based putty, water-based moisture, water-based color correction liquid The water-based bright color essence is the fist product of the infinite flower. The water-based bright color essence is selected by many domestic waterborne wood paint production factories with the characteristics of better brightness, coloration and color migration. The water-based love and repairing liquid is the first factory in China to develop and market infinitely, so that it is now imitated by many water-based paint production factories, but the quality is far from the flower. In particular, the successful development of the infinite flower water-based crack paint and water-based orange paint is also a highlight in the water-based paint industry. The amount of water-based industrial paint is more complete: water-based acrylic, water-based alkyd, water-based epoxy, water-based amino type, many types. It is a factory with relatively complete production types and advanced technology in the category of water-based industrial paints.

Waterborne crack paint