How to choose epoxy floor paint?
- 2019-04-12-

Floor paint is suitable for some places where the sanitary conditions are relatively high, such as hospital ground, food factory floor, pharmaceutical factory floor, laboratory floor, machine room floor, etc.; and ground, such as underground, which is required to resist stamping, corrosion and wear resistance. Parking lot, factory warehouse (over the forklift), etc.

In order to assist customers who use floor decoration and maintenance paints to correctly select the type of floor paint and the useful control construction costs, customers are advised to start with the following factors:

First, mechanical function requirements

The first three aspects are:

1. Abrasion resistance: Which vehicles will be used when the floor is in use?

2. Pressure resistance: How much load will the floor receive when it is used?

3. Impact resistance: Does the impact force cause the floor surface to peel off?

Second, chemical function requirements

The first consideration is the following two aspects:

1. Acid and alkali resistance: the variety and concentration of corrosive chemicals used.

2. Solvent resistance: solvent type and touch time when used.

Third, the floor orientation status

Depending on whether the floor is still on the ground floor or the ground floor, do you need to use moisture protection or select a special moisture-proof floor?

Fourth, the base surface condition

1. Base strength: general requirements compressive strength ≥ 20Mpa

2. Flatness: Is it required to be repaired with epoxy mortar?

Five, beautiful requirements

1. Color requirements: Do you need a color division area?

2. Brightness requirements: Is the matte still shining?

3. Flatness requirements: Is there a requirement for the flatness of the floor?

Sixth, fire flowers and anti-static

In some cases, there is a need for the floor.

Seven, cost budget

Choose the right floor variety and thickness according to the budget.

Eight, security requirements

If the floor is in a greased environment or on a ramp, it is necessary to select a non-slip floor.

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