Floor painting paint anti-static floor paint construction difference
- 2019-04-22-

Floor paint and anti-static floor paint construction sounds the same, they are painted on the floor, but in fact it is still very different in the construction process.

Floor painting is a traditional construction of a thin layer of paint on the surface layer, the primary intention is for aesthetics, but poor practicality, easy to delamination, peeling, falling, not pressure, not wearable, but the price is relative More than half of the cheaper floor paint construction is cheaper. The modern standard floor paint construction is completed in a multi-step process:

First, the substrate processing is different

Conventional painting does not pay attention to the substrate treatment. Sometimes the concrete is coated without any treatment, and some are only treated slightly. The treatment method is to shovel a shovel, sweep and remove dust.

1. Requirements for concrete floors:

(1) The concrete is required to be flat and compact, and the strength requirement is not lower than C20;

(2) The above-ground flatness generally requires that the drop in the range of 2M is not more than 2mm. If the drop is large, the floor coating should be thickened to reduce the drop;

(3) If the ground to be painted is on the ground floor and the groundwater level is high, the concrete bottom layer shall be waterproofed;

(4) The new concrete is boring for at least three weeks, and the water content is not higher than 8%;

(5) It can also be applied to substrates such as terrazzo.

2. Substrate treatment method For the new concrete substrate, the following treatment methods are used:

(1) Treatment intention: to improve the overall flatness of the ground, remove the floating layer and dirt, and obtain a uniform rough appearance to facilitate the adhesion of the coating.

(2) Processing equipment: self-cleaning ground grinding machine (imported from Japan), vacuum cleaner, etc.

(3) Requirements: to achieve solid ground, no blisters, holes, and require boring, clean, no floating dust, oil, cement sand and other debris.

Second, the choice of paint is different

Conventional above-ground coatings are often not strictly selected for coatings. Only 1-2 coats of topcoat are used, no primer is used, or a similar primer for the same steel structure is used. The construction of epoxy floor paint is constructed by epoxy primer, epoxy paint, epoxy putty layer and epoxy top coat to ensure the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the epoxy floor. The aesthetics of traditional oil and gas floors.

Third, the modern floor paint coating method has a big difference

Conventional floor paint coatings are mostly sprayed, brushed or rolled. AEON Floor Engineering Company has made a difference in the coating method according to the construction performance and coating requirements of floor coatings, except for traditional sprays. In addition to brush and roller coating methods, scraper scraping, serrated trowel coating, trowel smearing, high-pressure airless spraying and other construction methods are used to ensure uniform construction and avoid sag, scratches and other undesirable phenomena.